Bulk Product

We can also provide you with unfinished, bulk products such as tablets, hard capsules, soft gel capsules, granulated powder and so on.
Please see the chart below as a little example.  Please ask us if there is no product you would like to import.
We will help you develop your own product makeing the best of our resource here.

Product name Main ingredient(mg/tab or cap) MoQ Unit
Placenta (derived from Horse & Pig) Horse placenta extracted powder (10mg)
Pig placenta extracted powder(10mg)
20,000 Soft capsule
Nattokinaze & Lecitine FD natto powder+NKCP(66mg) 21,000 Soft capsule
DHA+EPA Refined fish oil containinig DHA(240mg) 20,000 Soft capsule
Maaturing Maca Organic maca powder (297mg) 33,330 Tablet
Suppon & Squalene with Lecitine Soft shell turtle powder+oil(120mg) 15,000 Soft capsule
Glucosamine with chondroitin & proteoglycan Glucosamine(197.37mg) 33,330 Tablet
Zhenjiang Vinegar with CoQ 10 Zhenjiang Vinegar(55mg) 20,000 Soft capsule
Multi Vitamin VC(50mg),Multi calotenoid(11.7mg),
Niacin(8.5mg),pantothenic acid calcium(4.185mg)
20,000 Soft capsule
Enzyme supplement Beer Yeast(50mg)
90 Wild grass fermented extracted powder(30mg)
33,330 Tablet
Carnitine L-Carnitine tartrate(70.5mg) 33,330 Tablet
Zinc Beer yeast (10% zinc) (135mg) 33,330 Tablet
Sesamin Roasting lignan black sesami oil(1.2% sesamin)
20,000 Soft capsule
Plum & Black vinegar Plum extract(25mg)
Black vinegar moromi powder(60mg)
60,000 Soft capsule
Suppon(soft-shell turtle) &plum with black vinegar Soft shell turtle powder(33.3mg) 60,000 Soft capsule
Acai berry EX Acai powder(90mg) 60,000 Soft capsule
Garlic & Egg york oil Garlic powder(90mg)
Egg york oil(52.5mg)
50,000 Soft capsule
Panax Ginseng Panax ginseng powder(200mg) 50,000 Tablet
Bilberry & Lutein Bilberry extract: 15mg
Marigold extract: 4.5mg
Lampern powder:20mg
50,000 Tablet
Propolis for kids (Kodomo propolis) Indigestible dextrin(236mg)
10% Propolis extracted powder(15mg)
50,000 Chewable
Kodomo Blueberry Indigestible dextrin(209mg)
Bilberry extracted powder(10mg)
50,000 Chewable
Kodomo IQ Indigestible dextrin(210mg)
DHA powder(102mg)
50,000 Chewable
Propolis tablets 70% propolis extracted powder(50mg)
Cassia powder(20mg)
50,000 Tablet
Royal beauty Royal jelly dried powder(183mg)
50,000 Sugar coated
GMCC Dolomite(99.9mg)
Shark cartilage extract(35.1mg), MSM(9.9mg)
50,000 Tablet
Kirei & Sukkiri Yeast peptide (83.4mg), Indigestible dextrin(34mg),Black ginger(33.4mg) 50,000 Tablet
Organic royal jelly Organic royal jelly dried powder(340mg) 50,000 Hard capsule
Hachinoko King&Queen Bee larva(male) powder(140mg)
Bee larva(queen) powder(105mg)
50,000 Hard capsule
RIPE-100 Plant fermented extracted powder(100mg)
Indigestible dextrin(93mg)
50,000 Hard capsule
RIPE-100 Premium Plant fermented extracted powder(150mg)
Indigestible dextrin(39.5mg)
LACRIS-S (Bacillus coagulans) (20mg)
50,000 Hard capsule
Krill oil(Deodorizing) Krill oil(260mg) 60,000 Soft capsule
Ginger diet SUN-Ginger(100mg), Black ginger extract(75mg) 60,000 Soft capsule
Squalene Squalene: 250mg 20,000 Soft capsule
Reduced Coenzyme Q10 Reduced Coenzyme Q10: 28.8mg/cap 20,000 Soft capsule
α-Lipoic acid & Perila oil α-Lipoic acid:50mg
L-calnitine tartrate:20mg
32,000 Soft capsule
Fermented black garlic egg york capsule Fermented black garlic powder:100mg 25,000 Soft capsule
Oyster meat sugar coated tablet Taurine:2mg、zinc:1.5mg 15,000 Sugar coated tablet
Pig placenta & Mangostin capsule Placenta extract powder:100mg
Mangostin extract powder: 33.34mg VE:2.76mg
20,000 Soft capsule
Ukon Z (260mg/tab) Autumn turmeric (125mg)
Beer enzyme: 83mg、Panax ginseng :20mg
Spring turmeric extract: 20mg
50,000 Tablets
100,000 Tablets
Ekisu de Kanpai (250mg/tab) Beer extract: 55.75mg、Autumn turmeric: 50mg
Corn starch: 37.5mg、Cucumber extract:25mg
Liver extract(pig-derived): 25mg
Yeast extract: 24mg、Spirulina extract: 10mg
Spring turmeric: 8mg、VB1:1mg、VB2: 0.5mg
VC: 5mg etc..
50,000 Tablets
100,000 Tablets